Jubilatio Walking Tour

The Birth of the University and of the Mendicant Orders
(Franciscans and Dominicans) in the 13th Century. (1)

The tour map (time: about 45 minutes + visits to museums and other monuments)

At numbers 15-21 is where the Franciscans set up their second house, around 1230, after the first one had fallen down (see previous page). Alexander Halès, Saint Bonaventure and Blessed Duns Scot lived here and were professors at Paris University. The refectory (dining hall), 14th and 15th centuries, is all that remains of this large Franciscan house.

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to go to the Place Saint-Michel, go north on the rue des Canettes and the rue des Ciseaux, past the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the rue Saint-André-des-Arts, left on the rue Gît-le-Coeur, and finally, right on the rue de l'Hirondelle.

The Dominicans were given two houses in this street by Saint Louis, King of France, who was a friend to the Mendicant Orders throughout his life. His sister, Blessed Isabelle of France, founded a branch of the Poor Clare Sisters. The rule of this congregation was approved by Saint Bonaventure.

Saint Louis of France ordered the construction of this chapel in order to house two priceless relics: one of the Holy Cross on which Jesus was crucified and which was brought from the Holy Land by a Franciscan friar in 1241; and one from the Crown of Thorns, brought to France in 1239 by a Dominican. This chapel is considered one of the brightest jewels of gothic architecture.

A tour of this great Cathedral....
After this long but brilliant trek through historic Paris, come and relax and share your experiences with others at the Café Troubadour, Square René Viviani, just across the river from Notre-Dame.

End of the walking tour.

Texte : Jean-Baptiste Auberger, o.f.m.
English translation: Paul-Dominique Masiclat, o.p.

Mise à jour : 19 juillet 1997.