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How Can We Hear Jesus?

On this second morning of catechetical workshops, enthusiasm mounts as bishops continue sharing aspects of Christian faith that touch the hearts of WYD travellers.

AT the site of English-speaking bishops at the Paris Expo Centre (Porte de Versailles), several young Americans expressed their enthusiasm after hearing the talk and celebrating Mass with the Archbishop of Pretoria (South Africa). One word seemed to sum up everyone's impressions of the week so far: awesome. A girl from Merrimack, NH (USA) said that even a scary experience like nearly being trampled by the mob of visitors rushing to get into Notre-Dame Cathedral when the huge wooden doors were opened didn't take away any of the joy she was experiencing at sharing her faith with so many new people.

WYD Spirit

Another group from Saint John's Parish in Atlantic Beach, FL (USA) thrilled at all the singing and cheering that seemed to go on everywhere all over Paris. Crowded metro trains became even more enjoyable by the light and cheerful spirit of people going to or coming from some WYD activity. Disappointed by the "grave" overtones of Cardinal Bernard Law's talk in Saint Augustine Church yesterday, one group decided to come and listen to the Archbishop of Pretoria on how to hear Jesus. "How can we hear Jesus if not by sounds? Not the sound of a human voice, but the sound of a Gospel reading, the sound of people singing, the sound of something inviting, like the words 'Come and see'. This is the real WYD spirit. Hearing Jesus through the bishops and the young people celebrating the fact that God is our Saviour."

Paul-Dominique Masiclat