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The Pope On Excursion to New Evry Cathedral

THIS evening, the new Cathedral of the diocese of Evry-Corbeil just south-east of Paris was the site of a private visit by the Holy Father. He was welcomed by the bishop of Evry, Mgr Guy Herbulot, and received a gift of a statue of Saint Corbinien sculpted by the local artist Jean-Paul Gosset.

Evry, a new church in the Parisian suburbs

Evry became the seat of a bishopric in 1984, and plans for a new cathedral, the first and only cathedral built in France in this century, were immediately drawn. After deciding on a radically different structure, the foundations for the new cathedral were laid in 1991. Construction was completed last year and the altar was consecrated by the bishop of Evry on Ascension Thursday of this year.

A church for the 21st century

The new cathedral of Evry surprises visitors both by its shape and its appearance. It's shape is cylindrical, of somewhat squat dimension, its roof a slanted slicing movement upward from the front. It's appearance makes it blend in with the city center of which it is now an important element: both church and public buildings are of red brick. Like the city center itself, the circular lines and geometrical patterns of the church correspond to a typical French attention to harmony and form, conveying a specific message. Here, the message is one of openness, light and modernity.

Paul-Dominique Masiclat

Pictures of the new cathedral on the web server of the Diocese of Evry.