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Mary Magdalene, Peter, Jesus and Us:
Love As Service

Christ serving with our hands: the Jubilatio Prayer Vigil draws hundreds for two hours of music, dance and prayer.

MORE than 2000 young people gathered in the Parc André Citroën last night for a prayer vigil organized by Jubilatio, the group of Franciscans, Dominicans and their friends, on the theme of service. The vigil followed a rhythm of music and readings that started out with a bang and led progressively towards a meditation of Christ's example of love.

Music and nard

After a half hour of rock concert led by the Franciscan friar Jacques Jouët and, Negro Spirituals led by the Dominican Jean Druel, Mary Magdalene's example of love was danced by one of the Paris Opéra's young talents, accompanied by a tenor voice singing the story of Mary anointing Jesus's feet with precious nard. A choir of over 100 singers led by Brother André Gouze then accompanied a procession of a giant icon of Christ Pantocrator to the center of the stage.

Christ's message of service

Another great moment was the Lebanese singer Sister Marie Keyrouz, who sang Oriental liturgical pieces as well as the Our Father in Aramaic. Alternating with the singers was a group of nuns who mimed other gospel passages, and a group of twelve young people who mimed the parts of the twelve disciples. The gospel passages were taken from the 13th chapter of John. Jesus washes his disciples' feet and tells them to follow his example. For Jesus came not to be served but to serve others, even at the cost of his life. That's how much we have to love if we want our lives to have some meaning and depth, and if we want to find true happiness.

Paul-Dominique Masiclat