British Caffè

"Moda, cinema e Paradiso"

Chiostro e chiesa
de San Gregorio
al Celio
Here you with find yourself on the spot where St Augustine departed with his monks, sent by Pope Gregory the Great to evangilize England.
Here you can sit at the table of friendship among Benedictine monks, Camaldules, and representatives at the Anglican community, and converse with them to the sound of Celtic music.
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Smile at the camera, smile at the miror, the style of smiling, the colour of a smile ... Smiling and Paradise "are two words that go well together, very well together !"
Italian fashion and cinema invite you to add your smile at the great fresco of the glances
of ones who want to build in this world "le déjà-là" of the Life which arrives...
via di San Gregorio
fra Circo Massimo
e Colosseo